Macular Testing


Macular Degeneration Self-Test (Amsler Grid)
Amsler Grid

This very simple test can quickly tell you if you have visually significant disease in the macula:

    Cover one eye.

    Stare at the center dot, through your reading glasses, if you have them.

    While concentrating at the central dot, notice the surrounding grid. ALL THE LINES SHOULD BE STRAIGHT.

    If some of the lines are wavy and crooked, you may have macular degeneration.
    Unfortunately, if all the lines are straight, you still may have a mild form of macular degeneration; that is, a negative result on this test does not guarantee that your maculas are normal. The only way to find out if your maculas are normal is by having a complete eye exam at Patterson Optical 

Great News!!!

Finally there appears to be solid evidence that antioxidant vitamins can be beneficial in the prevention of the severe forms of macular degeneration