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At Patterson Optical we offer state of the art eyecare.  We are centrally located in Grayson County at the Sherman Town Center.  A very easy commute from anywhere in Southern Oklahoma.  Our office has the latest in eyecare technology in order to give a great eyecare experience.  Come see us and See the difference!!


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The Comprehensive Eye Exams performed by Drs. Patterson, Drobny, and Guthrie at Patterson Optical include, Auto-refraction, Auto-Keratometry, Non-contact Tonometry, Pupillometry, Optos Retinal Imaging, Distance Visual Acuity, Near Visual Acuity, Binocular Vision Assessment, Biomicroscopy, Internal Ophthalmoscopy, Subjective Near point findings, Subjective Far point findings, Case history, Amplitude of accommodation, range of accommodation, angle of vision to right, angle of vision to the left

We are a Care Credit Provider.




Our Services

We offer comprehensive eye exams which include all ocular testing for common eye diseases such as Cataracts, Glaucoma, Macular Degeneration, and Diabetes.  We also offer a complete line of contact lenses many of which we'll have on the initial visit.